Criminal Justice: Illegal Drugs


Illegal drugs and drug abuse plague society in all communities across the globe. Substance abuse comes in all forms and come with health and legal ramifications. It can affect all people, regardless of race, age and social status. The price to pay is high when it gets its hooks in you. No one is immune from addiction, especially when drugs are easily available. The abuse of prescription drugs, street drugs and over the counter medications plays a big role in what is a worldwide concern in fighting this epidemic.

Getting High with Cocaine

One of the most common street drugs used and abused today is that of cocaine. This addictive drug is snorted, injected and smoked. Cocaine comes in powder form, liquid form and in crystal form. This is a stimulant drug with street names such as snow, dust, coke, freebase and rock.

Having or distributing this drug is a felony crime, which means that a criminal will be doing years of imprisonment and paying a hefty fine. The determining factor behind the sentence will depend on what state the arrest took place and if it was a possession or trafficking charge, because each state has their own rules and regulations behind felony drug crimes.

The Down Side of Crack

Crack is a derivative form of cocaine used for smoking. In this form, the substance reaches the brain faster, which causes a rush for the user. Those who become addicted will spend an expensive amount of money to maintain the habit. They will do anything to get that high, including robbing to get merchandise to sell so they can buy. With this addiction, a person looses all control of their life and nothing matters but their next fix.

 Addicted to Heroin

Heroin is an addictive narcotic drug made from morphine or codeine substance. It starts out in powder form, but then users liquefy to use in needles. Street heroin has additives added to it such as glucose and paracetamol. Most abusers turn to crime and prostitution to maintain their habit. If caught with possession or trafficking the substance, the punishment is stiff, with imprisonment and fine. First timers can face a year in jail and get a five thousand dollar fine for the felony.

The Painkiller: Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a narcotic substance found in prescription drugs such as painkillers. Abuse of painkillers can lead to addiction if laced with narcotics. Two painkillers that contain hydrocodone are Percocet and Percodan. A person addicted to this drug and misuses the dosage may become very sleepy, have small pupils and have trouble breathing if they are using the medication just to get high.

Using Inhalants to get High

The list is long when thinking of inhalants used to get high. Some of the substances that teenagers use to alter their moods are airplane glue, Pam cooking spray and paint thinner. They sniff colored markers and gasoline to obtain a high too. With inhalants, the act of getting high comes by ingesting the fumes while inhaling the substance, also known as huffing. A person who huffs inhalants stands the chance of suffocation, asphyxia, heart disease and kidney and liver damage.

 The Illegal Drug: LSD

Lyseric Acid Diethylamide also known as LSD came into existence in 1938 by accident. The mind-altering chemical is highly potent. Acid is its street name. It comes in the forms of tablets, capsules and liquid. When taken by mouth, it alters the users thinking and personality as well producing mood swings. When using and under the effect, users will feel a false sensation of what they see and hear, which leads to hallucinations and the lost control of their emotions. This mind-blowing drug is illegal and users can find themselves doing time for a year and spending as much as one thousand dollars in fines.

 Smoking Marijuana

Of all the illegal drugs on the streets, the most common is that of marijuana. The mind-altering substance comes from the hemp plant. On the streets, marijuana has names like weed, grass and pot to name a few. Smoking is the main route when using this substance to get high. Users put it in a pipe, cigarette or roll it up in a cigar. This drug can impair one’s perception, produce hallucinations and panic attacks. Above all, it can make the heart feel as though it will pump right out of the chest.

Side Effects of MDMA (Ecstasy)

MDMA or ecstasy is a chemical stimulant taken by mouth. The street drug comes in tablet and capsule forms. The high gives users the feeling of euphoria. It also creates sleep disorders, confusion and depression as it takes away one’s perception. Users can experience increase heart rate as well as blurred vision.

 The Menace of Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth)

Methamphetamine also known as Crystal Meth is another dependant and illegal drug. Users take this drug as a pill or a capsule. It also comes as a powder and in chunk form. Some people call this menace speed, zip, ice and crystal. Where it is distributed and manufactured determines the nickname of this drug. In the UK alone, users can spend up to 7 years for possession, while those dealing the substance face life behind bars.

Abusing Oxycontin

Oxycontin is a pain relieving medication that comes in pill form and one used in hospital settings for example, after surgery to manage pain. It is highly addictive and sold through prescription only. For abusers, the medication delivers the feeling of euphoria. Drug abusers will chew, snort or inject the substance to get an instant high reaction. The more they do, the more they want to maintain that feeling, which makes it addictive and dangerous.

 The Disconnecting Drug: PCP

The streets are full of illegal activities and crime and drugs are everywhere taking over. Another street drug is that of PCP, better known as angel dust or the peace pill. This drug makes its user feel disconnected. Depending upon the dosage, the drug can react as a stimulant as well as a depressant. Low dosages can make one feel relaxed and at ease. However higher dosages can lead to seizers and possible death. Using PCP can land you in jail for 3-5 years, but selling it will give a sentence of 3-15 years.

 The Stimulant Drug:Ritalin

Ritalin is a prescription drug used in treating medical conditions such as ADHD and Narcolepsy. However, some who abuse it do so to get high. This stimulant drug is very addictive when not taking the correct dosage. Although when used to treat medical conditions, Ritalin comes in pill form, taken orally. However, addicts know how to break it down so that they can smoke, inject and snort it.

Drug Energizer: Speed

Speed is another word for amphetamines. It is the drug used to make one feel super alert and energized. Because it is a stimulant drug, it can reduce the appetite; abusers may use it as a diet plan to loose weight. People who abuse this drug find ways to get the substance into their bodies; they inject, snort and smoke it. They also dissolve the substance into liquids to drink.

Illegal use of Steroids

Steroids are those drugs used to build muscles and improve athletic performance. People who use this enhancer are usually body builders and athletes. However, teenagers use steroids to get a jump-start on the puberty process, thinking it will make them improved. Steroids are illegal and come with stiff penalties of imprisonment and fines. If lucky, a person can get probation with an added drug treatment program, but that will depend upon the state where the arrest took place, for each state is different in deciding upon punishment for this crime

The Narcotic Drug: Talwin

Pentazocine is a narcotic drug prescribed by doctors as a painkiller. However, when in the hands of abusers, the medication becomes an injected fix to get high. It gives the abuser the same effect as getting high on heroin. In a medical establishment, the medication is called Talwin or pentazocine, but on the streets when a person is looking to get high he or she looks for what is known as T’s or blues.

Pentazocaine or Talwin Description