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Here is a basic look on criminal justice as it is the platform in which a government maintains social control, prevent or deter crime, and exact penalties against those who commit them.  This will help you understand the the goal of protecting citizens and communities in the nation.  Please refer to our other resources on difference criminal justice topics as you continue to read through this page.

The criminal justice system is typically compiled of a multitude of governing layers, each with different levels of authority. The first stage largely consists of law enforcement; when a crime is committed, a law enforcement official, typically the police, will issue a citation or make an arrest. The second stage includes involvement of the court, where questionable citations or allegations are settled with due process. The third stage includes corrections, which may include jails and prison institutions, as well as probation and paroles.  The United States adheres to a systematic approach to law, dependent on the cooperation between the divisions of law enforcement, courts, and correctional organizations. Listed below are some resources to criminal justice-related organizations and associations, such as different departments of U.S. government, non-profit organizations, university libraries and various other online resourceful agencies.

Criminal Justice Services and Support

The following resources offer various legal services, support and information for victims, defendents, law officials, and scholars alike.

Data, Information & Resources on Criminal Justice

Crime justice data and statistics can be available through different outlets and by specific filters. You may find crime background information regarding your neighborhood, city, and state, as well on national and international levels.

Legal and Law Information

Legal matters can often be overwhelming to many, so cases that require law services are best left to the professionals and experts in the field. The following is a small listing of contact information for attorneys, the ABA, and other resources on the law.

Legal Resources from University Libraries

Law schools can be an excellent source for legal resources. Students are often required to perform extensive research and analysis as part of the program’s curriculum, and the result is a comprehensive study on a specific law-related topic. Many research projects go onto become published works, and can provide a unique insight to the criminal justice system.

Government Information

United States Government Agencies and Bureaus

Criminal Justice Resources by State

The following is a directory of criminal justice resources for each individual state. These pages will provide comprehensive information regarding news, data, statistics, and research. Material regarding laws, regulations, policies, and legal services may also be available.

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